What is “Disney Magic” Anyway?

By: Amy Kawa

Disney magic means a lot of different things to a lot of different people.  It carries with it an importance that lies in nostalgia, fun, and even in a type of feeling that touches some of us so deeply it reaches our very souls.  For some of us Disney Parks are vacation spots, where we go to spend a few days of uninterrupted fun with our families.  For others, Disney Parks take them back to when they were five years old, sitting on their dad’s shoulders, and watching the fireworks over the castle for the first time.  Still, for others, there is simply an appreciation of Disney’s ability to get everything they do so right.

Disney magic is entirely too complex and difficult to quantify or explain in a simple blog post.  For those of us who are lucky enough, Disney magic consumes our very being.  It is not merely a “thing,” but rather a deluge of emotions that we feel every time we walk into a Disney Park or even when we see the castle at the beginning of a Disney movie.  That emotional experience is the best combination of feelings of all the best things life has to offer.  It is something that radiates from within us, and our love for all things Disney has even grown to become a defining part of our personalities.  We have Disney magic inside us and being in a Disney Park makes us our best selves.

Personally, being in Walt Disney World offers a sense of belonging unlike I feel anywhere else.  Many people go through life with certain fears- fear that they’ll never live up to expectations; fear that they’ll never be good enough; fear that they’ll never find their own path.  Those fears wash away when you’re in a Disney park because anything is possible, and you literally see dreams come true every day.  When you’re in Walt Disney World, you are always enough.  There is no greater gift.

When you drive through that big welcome gate and see your first purple road sign, you have entered the “Disney bubble.”  Nothing else in the world seems to exist.  Disney has a unique power to capture the best qualities of the world- a true goodness- and it permeates everything Disney does, from encounters with cast members to the theming of attractions.  It is because of this escapism that I cry happy tears each time we check into our resort and the reason I cry sad ones when it’s time to leave.  This world that Walt and thousands of imagineers have carefully crafted over the past 46 years and is the one I care to live in.

Our hope is that this website reaches those who also want to live inside this “Disney bubble,” including those who may not live physically close enough to the Mouse to experience the parks’ magic every day or those who want to take their Disney fandom to the next level wherever they reside.  We’ll share our opinions on all things Disney and the latest and greatest in Disney news.  Please know that just like in Walt Disney World, you’re always enough here.  You are valued.  As Walt said, “To all who come to this happy place, welcome!”


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