Citrus Swirl is GONE?!

By: Amy Kawa

One of the classic, cult-following food favorites in all of Walt Disney World will no longer be found on any menus.  This week, the Citrus Swirl was taken off the menu of Adventureland’s Sunshine Tree Terrace and replaced with something called the Orange Swirl.  GASP!  A seemingly harmless change?  Yes, but something so iconic as the Citrus Swirl and the Orange Bird itself are now counted among Dreamfinder and the Redhead from Pirates of the Caribbean – lost Disney fan-favorites.

We have yet to try the new Orange Swirl, but the team at WDWNT, says that it is much sweeter and less tart than the Citrus Swirl.  I have sampled the Citrus Swirl, and wasn’t a huge fan.  I found it too bitter and the orange didn’t hold up, getting engulfed by the vanilla ice cream.  Give me a Dole Whip every day of the week, please!

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